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AM Affiliate: Don’t Pay Outstanding Balances in Spider Drawings + More

– Even in an industry like affiliate marketing that’s enjoying a lot of money, the recession can drive companies to dire circumstances. Nevertheless, you probably still shouldn’t accept a drawing of a spider in lieu of amounts owed. [Urlesque] – Whether it’s pitching new campaigns to resistant affiliates or listening to your AM blather on […]

Could Geotargeted Fundraising Initiatives Save Underfunded Public Schools?

In addition to hosting quality branded campaigns, Blue Phoenix Media also owns and operates The Academic Network, which presents students with alternative education solutions. 2010 has been about the widespread success of geotargeted marketing intiatives. Foursquare celebrated some critical milestones while Twitter and Facebook implemented geotracking features into their Status Update features. And while the […]

AM Affiliate: Crowdsourcing Design, Social Media Doomsday, + More

– An affiliate marketing time-saver and cost-cutter: Crowdsourcing landing page creation. [MediaTrust] – The 5 critical Cs. [Rohail Rizvi] – Social media doomsday: Facebook and Foursquare are both down and in the case of the latter, yes, again. [Mashable/Mashable] – How to leverage said imperiled social media. [AffiliateTip] – A map of who’s song who […]

AM Affiliate: 2010’s Great Brand Dilution, Terrible Email Practices to Avoid, + More

– A few very insightful notes on social media’s instrumental role in the Great Brand Dilution of 2010. [Brian Solis] – Sometimes there can are never enough hours in the day to generate as much income as you want. For that, it’s about setting goals and deadlines and making sure your tasks are manageable. [Andrew […]

AM Affiliate: Be An Email Expert, Happy Birthday Google, + More

– Sometimes successful email marketing lies in maintaining manageable lists. [Jonathan Volk] – Related: How to be good at email. [MediaPost] – Meet Jiepang–China’s answer to Foursquare, since they are on less than favorable terms with the geotargeting app. [Edelman Digital] – Facebook Places finally enters the geotargeted marketing arena. [InsideFacebook] – Google turns 12 […]

AM Affiliate: What’s Your Foursquare Fingerprint, Spammers Make 57K Websites Weekly, & More

b- How substantial is your city’s Foursquare Fingerprint? Actually, what the heck is a “Foursquare Fingerprint”? Well, it’s basically a data map of the volume of check-ins registered on a given day. New York, it should surprise no one, has a pretty substantial Foursquare Fingerprint. [Gizmodo] “Thick skin, persistence and perseverance are critical to becoming […]

AM Affiliate: Become a More Efficient Affiliate Marketer, 15 Start-Ups By Google’s Ex-Employees, & More

– Every affiliate marketer can agree: Scammers are like cockroaches–for everyone you eliminate, another 100 are creeping around. Here’s a great way to spot them before they wreak havoc on your network and your offers. [Industry Pace] – “Long hours, dedication and the ability to think outside the box.” – Bryan Shearer on what it […]

AM Affiliate: Greek Statues Were Tacky, An ASE Clipshow, & More

– E-mail marketers face a new challenge as more people start bargain-hunting on mobile devices. [MediaPost] – Ultraviolet light shined on ancient Greek statues reveals how tacky they used to look. [Gizmodo] – In case you missed it, Amy Sheridan suggested one way to stand tall against rogue marketers. [PMExpo] – Another way? A Verification […]

AM Affiliate: Cameron Diaz Will Give Your Computer A Virus & More

– Top story of the day: Cameron Diaz is the celebrity who’s most likely to give your computer a virus. [Gizmodo] – The Affiliate Summit debriefings continue. [Super Affiliate Twins] – Presenting Facesquare Facebook Places. Also worth pondering: Has Facebook intentionally placed a “4” in the Facebook Places logo, left, to allude to their Foursquare […]

AM Affiliate: Twitter Goes to New Places, More iPad Security Holes, and How to Deal With Affiliate Marketing Failures

– One way to measure the most inventive companies in America: The number of approved U.S. patents in the past five years and divide it by the number of employees. [The Daily Beast] – Twitter finally launches its first concentrated geomarketing initiative with Twitter Places–which sees the microblogging service join up with Gowalla and Foursquare. […]