– Even in an industry like affiliate marketing that’s enjoying a lot of money, the recession can drive companies to dire circumstances. Nevertheless, you probably still shouldn’t accept a drawing of a spider in lieu of amounts owed. [Urlesque] – Whether it’s pitching new campaigns to resistant affiliates or listening… Read more“”

In addition to hosting quality branded campaigns, Blue Phoenix Media also owns and operates The Academic Network, which presents students with alternative education solutions. 2010 has been about the widespread success of geotargeted marketing intiatives. Foursquare celebrated some critical milestones while Twitter and Facebook implemented geotracking features into their Status… Read more“”

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b- How substantial is your city’s Foursquare Fingerprint? Actually, what the heck is a “Foursquare Fingerprint”? Well, it’s basically a data map of the volume of check-ins registered on a given day. New York, it should surprise no one, has a pretty substantial Foursquare Fingerprint. [Gizmodo] “Thick skin, persistence and… Read more“”

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