Meet Diaspora: The Anti-Facebook

With backlash brewing against Facebook’s lack of privacy control, perhaps it was only a matter of time before a crew of savvy programmers developed an open source alternative that made a premium of user-specified privacy controls. [ viagra on line canadian pharmacy | buy viagra now online | who sells… Read more“Meet Diaspora: The Anti-Facebook”

AM Affiliate: Links From Around the Web

Periodically, we come across so many great late-breaking developments in the world of affiliate marketing and more broadly, technology, that we can’t cover everything. So a quick round-up: – Six handy steps to getting that big-shot to respond to your e-mail [Copyblogger] – An infographic about Facebook’s increasingly inscrutable, tangled… Read more“AM Affiliate: Links From Around the Web”

Hey Affiliate Marketers! It’s Time To Get Social

Facebook has given up on the concept of user privacy; a Twitter crash earlier this week brought the internet’s social life to its knees; and Foursquare has no idea what to do with itself. It’s a critical time for social media. It’s also a critical time for affiliate marketing to… Read more“Hey Affiliate Marketers! It’s Time To Get Social”

Spotted: Internet Users Trying to Google Their Way Out of Facebook

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Facebook As an Affiliate Marketing Giant

It’s no surprise that Facebook has always squared off against affiliate marketers, but do their restrictive measures against affiliate marketers create an unleveled playing field? [ cheap viagra from uk | buy viagra in england | non prescription viagra canada | viagra london | viagra order | which is better… Read more“Facebook As an Affiliate Marketing Giant”