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SES New York 2012


SES New York is happening right now until this Friday March 23rd at The Hilton New York City hotel. SES is a global online marketing conference and expo series about search and social marketing. The conference focuses on tactics and best practices, marketing services and technology for webmasters, digital agencies, online marketers and corporate decision […]

Free Download Offers Popularity


Free Download offers have become very popular in the online marketing arena. Many brands across different verticals have opted to include these free and fun online perks into their marketing strategy,  in order to successfully reach their target audience and increase brand ‘s popularity. At Blue Phoenix Media we work with many known brands helping […]

Differences Between Facebook and Twitter


Social media networks are an online phenomenon throughout the world.  Facebook and Twitter are the most popular of these sites with approximately 800 million active Facebook users and 300 million Twitter accounts. Facebook emphasizes on who you are and who you know, and Twitter uses 140 characters for updates, focusing more about what you say […]

Tweeting The Oscars and More


The Oscars, also known as the Academy Awards is a highly popular annual ceremony that awards excellence in cinema, held by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.  As popular as it is today, it wasn’t until 1953 that the ceremony was broadcasted on TV and brought to the mass. In the present time, […]

Google Glasses


Google is thinking out side of the box and by end of 2012 will launch Android based eyeglasses that will stream information to your eyes in real time, according to a new report in the New York Times. This high tech device will have the same Android software used in smartphones and will allow you […]

10 Social Media Tools You Should Be Using


Everybody is using social media networks these days and with the technological advances new social media tools keep popping up to match the new technology and help us better apply all the different social media services. To assist you in the search of the perfect social media tool for your professional or personal use, we […]

Google VS Amazon: Has Google Taken Over?

Google vs Amazon

Amazon and Google make millions of dollars a year and overall are worth billions. Both are the front runners to online sales and Ad revenue, and are now trying to expand on that. Whose efforts will have the most impact? It may sound like an irrelevant question because they sell totally different products. That was […]

Social Media Standards and Tips to keep Your Audience

Social Media

Social Media is one of the most popular phrases in this era. It is virtually impossible to browse the internet without coming across some sort of social media. Of course all business’ now know that this is an important role in the future, but most of them have no idea how to go about utilizing […]

Affiliate Bites: Unlocked Apple Phones For Less Than $700, A CraigsList Power Hour, + More

» And it’s begun. Apple has begun selling unlocked, contract-free iPhones for $649 and up. [Engadget] » Facebook is nearing a settlement about how it misled users about their own data. [WSJ] » What does a Craigslist Power Hour–wherein a beloved real estate blog posts about the most offensive real estate listings from the website–result […]

Affiliate Bites: Being a Billionaire Is Overrated, Facebook Comment Spam is Illegal, + More

» Were you one of the first to get your hands on an iPhone 4S only to find its battery life is not all that wonderful? You’re not alone. [TechCrunch] » That might also explain how Samsung eked Apple out as the world’s leading smartphone provider in the last quarter. [Bloomberg Business Week] » So […]