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15 Great Ways to Lose Your Email Subscribers

Email remains one of the most essential and vibrant parts of any essential marketing mix, despite everybody trying to kill it off. Whether you’re iTunes hyping up weekly album deals, a mom-and-pop shop wanting to keep it personal with a small base of customers, or a B2B outfit that supplies corporations with tradeshow wares, email […]

AM Affiliate: Armchair Email Marketing, The Best Viral Marketing Campaign Ever?, + More

» Cablevision is making internet marketers’ jobs a little easier…but letting them connect with viewers through pop-up messages that appear during specific advertisements. [AdAge] » An unlikely but smart viral campaign? [MediaPost] » Could social media become the new exit poll? [AdWeek] » Current legislation in the works would require companies to get in touch […]

AM Affiliate: Facebook Caught Trying to Plant Anti-Google Stories in Press + More

» Facebook apparently hired a PR titan to smear stories about Google, citing, of all things, “privacy concerns.” [The Telegraph] » And this is what some correspondence between said PR titan and one of the bloggers they were courting to help plant said stories looks like. [PasteBin] » Some key strategies that many of us […]

AM Affiliate: SEM and Rising Cost of Gas Related, Emails Don’t Have to Drive Sales?, + More

– The unlikely link between SEM and rising energy prices. [Adotas] – Blasphemy? “Not every email has to drive sales.” [MediaPost] – How Slim Fast blew a lot of money on a social media campaign on Twitter. [Outspoken Media] – Aol’s secret weapon? Project Devil. Which sells 14 ad units on each site to a […]

AM Affiliate: Importance of Overdelivering, Search Marketers Get Antsy, + More

– Essential to any client-centric industry: Finding out ways in which you can go above and beyond the call of duty. [Seth Godin] – Tensions are brewing between search and display marketers. Well, sort of. [MediaPost] – Hate ’em or love ’em, review sites are here to stay. [Adotas] – 15 email marketing mistakes. [EmailTransmit] […]

AM Affiliate: Don’t Edit the World–Create It!, Media Multitaskers Might Be Braindead, + More

– “Most people believe it is their job to copyedit the world, not design it.” – Seth Godin. [Seth Godin] – It seems massively multitasking new media types are less able to process information. [AdAge] – So the truth in that tangled mess of speculation that keeps ringing the chorus of, “Email is dead!”? It’s […]

Spam Attack Targets Inexperienced SEOs

At Blue Phoenix Media, we get our fair share of bizarre phishing attempts–and if you deal extensively in email marketing, so do you!–but what’s peculiar about this wave is that it doesn’t go after casual internet users whose understanding of the internet starts and ends with Facebook. It goes after people who live and breathe […]

AM Affiliate: Email’s Still Alive, Blogging’s Best Practices, + More

– At some point, if you’re a super affiliate, the only way to grow your business is to hire additional support. [Finch Sells] – Here’s another post stating the quite alive state of email marketing. [MediaTrust] – Are you an avid content generator with little concern about the quality of your articles? Well sit up, […]

AM Affiliate: Young People Watch the Internet Not the TV + More

– The internet has officially surpassed TV as a news source for young people. So congratulations, if you are reading this, you’re not old! [Mashable] – Total transparency: The only way to prevent a publisher from blocking all your ads on its website. [Adotas] – 5 ways to maintain your email lists in 2011–don’t be […]