This week marked one of the most monumental events that happens in the affiliate marketing universe: Affiliate Summit. For 72 hours, affiliates, merchants, and vendors swapped business cards, high-fives, and cocktails. To mark the end of the event, today’s round-up is ASE-themed. – This week, Affiliate Summit East struck the… Read more“”

– Disembodied robot arms can now toy with sushi. [Gizmodo] – One writer tries to demystify the “best time to send” e-mail marketing enigma…and ends up just posing a whole new set of questions. [MediaPost] – Social media is one giant party… [Adotas] – …which begs the question: Are you… Read more“”

– Neil Berman offers a little industry gold: “Jumping into an email marketing program without doing the necessary planning is a little bit like waking up married in Vegas.” [MediaPost] – Google celebrates the 71st anniversary of The Wizard of Oz with today’s logo. Their last notable logo foray included… Read more“”

– The cost of an iPad? At least $500. The cost of the world’s cheapest touch-screen tablet from India? $35. [Mashable] – The measure of a successful e-mail marketer’s worth isn’t necessarily the size of their list, but the size of how much their list is regularly growing. [MediaPost] –… Read more“”

At emailInsider, Loren McDonald explores the struggle to strike the right balance between e-mail blasts and increased revenue. The piece notes that companies sending a high volume of e-mail blasts–specifically automated, triggered e-mails–tend to alienate potential customers–while they enjoy short-term profit spikes, they do so at the risk of lowered… Read more“”