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AM Affiliate: New Twitter = Old Facebook?, Be Your Own PR Army Of One, + More

– Social media enthusiasts will wonder as Facebook inches ever closer to mimicking Twitter–what does it mean if Twitter starts resembling Facebook with its new facelift? [Mashable] – Should viral marketing campaigns’ worth be measured in revenue or volume of chatter? [] – If you are unable to corral your

AM Affiliate: Burglar-Proofing Your Facebook Profile, Successful E-mail Marketing, & More

– Have you burglar-proofed your Facebook profile? [Mashable] – Following this breakdown of how Google Instant Search can actually help affiliates, one affiliate marketer reports a positive traffic change in the wake of the new search engine. [Super Affiliate Twins] – Three ways to blog your way to success. [Jonathan

AM Affiliate: The Benefits of Unmarketing, Failing As Business Strategy, & More

– The secret to successful marketing across any medium? Unmarketing. That is, positioning yourself as an expert in a field so people come to recognize you as an expert in that field. [MediaTrust] – The key to the creative process lies in accelerating failure. [Adotas] – On exit links in

AM Affiliate: Gmail Upends Skype, Evaluating E-mail Subject Lines, & More

– A godsend to those affiliate marketers who may not have the budget to bankroll expensive long-distance plans to communicate with overseas affiliates, Gmail’s new free calling feature is already looking like the sweeter alternative to Skype. [Lifehacker] – A heads-up to affiliate marketers looking to boost their friends counts

AM Affiliate: Greek Statues Were Tacky, An ASE Clipshow, & More

– E-mail marketers face a new challenge as more people start bargain-hunting on mobile devices. [MediaPost] – Ultraviolet light shined on ancient Greek statues reveals how tacky they used to look. [Gizmodo] – In case you missed it, Amy Sheridan suggested one way to stand tall against rogue marketers. [PMExpo]