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4 Great Places to Eat During ad:tech

Food! Food is an exciting and confusing part of any tradeshow regimen. From dawn to dusk, the opportunity to land that career-changing deal is incredibly high–as you’re essentially navigating a sea of people who are opening themselves up for shop talk. Most people, outside of a tradeshow setting, aren’t so receptive to pursuing every lead […]

Community-Building: A Simple Way to Boost Your Brand

Over at Jack Morton‘s blog, Ian McGonnigal wrote a fantastic piece about the 99 Restaurant, a local establishment (well one in a regional chain, anyway) with an old-fashioned–but decidedly recession-proof–approach to maintaining its reputation and customer loyalty. [ indian sildenafil citrate | does generic viagra work | cialis india | sildenafil citrate 50mg | cialis […]

Locate Nearby NYC Food Carts With

Finally! Social media that uses geomarketing to simplify, not complicate, the lives of internet users. Particularly NYC-based internet users. is a handy service that helps hungry New Yorkers locate nearby coffee carts or falafel stands by combining the power of Twitter and Google Maps. [ purchasing cialis | buy viagra no prescription | cheapest […]