AM Affiliate: iPhones Break 2 Years After Purchase, Google Helps You Catch Your Next Train, & Arrivederci AffCon 2010!

– 26% of all iPhones break within two years of purchase. Smartphones, indeed. [Computer World] – Here is something that directly contradicts the claim that the mobile ad space might potentially be a dud. [Adotas] – Everyone’s trickling out of Denver and saying farewell to AffCon 2010. [Twitter] – A

Getting Ready for AffCon 2010

In all honesty, our heart slightly sank when we learned that the “14th St.” where the convention center which will house AffCon 2010 from June 21-22 was not based in New York City, but Denver. Still, the heart of Colorado should provide a great getaway for NYC-based affiliates (and anyone