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Affiliate Bites: Groupon Goes Public, China Pioneers Future of Online Publishing, + More

» Much of the tech world is buzzing about Groupon’s big IPO today…and how had they filed it a year ago, it could’ve been even bigger. [ZDNet] » Floods in Thailand could put a cramp on cloud computing. [NYT] » The difference between how SEOs and PPC experts react to being dubbed an affiliate. [Adotas] […]

Sina Weibo: Blocking a Potential Gold Mine for Google, Facebook, and Twitter

So in social media today, there are two totally competing narratives. On one side: Twitter’s getting the presidential treatment, Facebook had got users on pins and needles and hedging bets on a possible assist from Skype, and Google+ continues to find fanboys in a tizzy. On the other side: Celebrities like Tom Cruise and Sean […]

Bonus Points: Memorial Day Weekend Edition

Well hello. Welcome to your much-deserved long weekend. This past week–like the many before it!–has been a doozy, so sit back and as usual, exercise your clicking finger while we tell you what you missed. Or what might be worth reading if you’ve been able to stay on top of all the news items from […]

AM Affiliate: Bots Rule Twitter, The Nuances of SEO, + More

– In affiliate marketing, the truism that failure begets success is gospel–but what if part of that failure was the willingness to acknowledge faults in a group setting instead of attempting spin control? [Seth Godin] – Twitter is awash with super-smart robots. Are you following any of them? [The Atlantic] – After her big ad:tech […]

AM Affiliate: The Secret to Wall Street Journal’s Survival, SES Notes, + More

– Find out which blogging mistakes you could be making. [Mashable] – How has The Wall Street Journal been able to avoid shrinking budgets plaguing other publications? By changing its marketing strategy. Its new targets? Women. [MediaPost] – Lisa Barone is recapping SES all day today and whether you’re in NYC or not, it’s definitely […]

AM Affiliate: The United States of Autocomplete, Exploding Droid Phones, + More

– The outcome of the Button Shape Case Study: Curiously intriguing. [Mr. Green] – Seth Godin is in need of a few brilliant social media mavens and is willing to pay $25,000 for them. [Seth Godin] – Could the US government be trying to replicate the Great Firewall of China with its own Internet Blacklist? […]

AM Affiliate: New Twitter Knows You Too Well, Click Fraud’s New Heights, + More

– New Twitter‘s creepiest new feature: An algorithm that determines with other users are “Similar to You.” [WebInkNow] – Broken search = no sale. [Seth Godin] – Click fraud is beginning to reach new heights. [MediaPost] – 9 flubs that entrepreneurs frequently make include “chasing perfection” and relying on word-of-mouth as a viable marketing tactic. […]

AM Affiliate: Be An Email Expert, Happy Birthday Google, + More

– Sometimes successful email marketing lies in maintaining manageable lists. [Jonathan Volk] – Related: How to be good at email. [MediaPost] – Meet Jiepang–China’s answer to Foursquare, since they are on less than favorable terms with the geotargeting app. [Edelman Digital] – Facebook Places finally enters the geotargeted marketing arena. [InsideFacebook] – Google turns 12 […]

AM Affiliate: Almost Half of America’s Addicted to Facebook, iPhone 4G Honeymoon Over, & More

– Well wasn’t that hype short-lived! A class-action lawsuit’s been filed against Apple for the many flaws in the iPhone 4G. [HoustonPress] – …and here’s some of the paperwork for that lawsuit. [Gizmodo] – Turns out teens are now suffering from Facebook Fatigue. We’re not really surprised, are we? [Mashable] – Which still doesn’t explain […]

AM Affiliate: The Importance of Ad Budgets, Google Won’t Go Dark In China, & More

– Affiliates, it’s important to have the right office accessories. Like this neat pipe lamp. [Gizmodo] – A quick reminder to always ask about budget when promoting an offer. [Ad Hustler] – How Google won’t go dark in China. [MediaWeek] – Basically, the same things that makes you a successful affiliate domestically are going to […]