There are hundreds of trade shows across the globe. How do you know which ones best suit your niche? Here is a list of the top conferences for all of the social media¬† marketers in America. Good Luck and have a successful 2012. [ buy viagra in uk | alternative… Read more“2012 SOCIAL MEDIA CONFERENCES”

PMA Announces Two Affiliate Victories in California and Minnesota

Earlier this week, the PMA declared a pair of victories for affiliate marketers. The victories–both against the Amazon Tax–come in the states of Minnesota and California. But in the state of Minnesota, a measure has passed which Executive Director Rebecca Madigan equates to any Amazon tax being “dead in Minnesota.”… Read more“PMA Announces Two Affiliate Victories in California and Minnesota”

Mississippi Kills Affiliate Tax

Today’s a big day for affiliate marketers: The state of Mississippi has struck down the affiliate tax, shortly after big states like New York passed their own version of the tax and California was shown to be mulling a similar tax. While this doesn’t exactly predict one thing or another… Read more“Mississippi Kills Affiliate Tax”

Hot Travel Offers to Load Up Before the Summer’s Done

The AP reports that Americans want to travel more, but spend less. Which makes it perfect timing to announce that last week, we launched several one-page travel offers like the Jet Set Julie range which all feature getaway-giveaways to destinations like Cancun, Costa Rica–and for those who aren’t so internationally… Read more“Hot Travel Offers to Load Up Before the Summer’s Done”