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AM Affiliate: Twitter Goes to New Places, More iPad Security Holes, and How to Deal With Affiliate Marketing Failures

– One way to measure the most inventive companies in America: The number of approved U.S. patents in the past five years and divide it by the number of employees. [The Daily Beast] – Twitter finally launches its first concentrated geomarketing initiative with Twitter Places–which sees the microblogging service join

AM Affiliate: An iPad Wedding, BP Gives Up on Containing Oil Spill and Contains Google Search Results Instead, & More

Welcome to your end-of-week AM Affiliate–today’s featured stories all underscore the expanding role technology seems to play in the well-being of people. – Not to be outdone by the Mac users-only dating website, a couple has had an “iPad wedding”–wherein vows were read from the iPad and then the groom

Have Google Users Gotten Bored with the BP Oil Spill?

The other day, we documented how Twitter did the same thing to BP which the oil giant did to the environment: Give it a big black-eye. But now that we’re well over a month removed from Day 1 of the catastrophe, is the internet mentally checking out too soon? An

AM Affiliate: Google Steps Up Fight to Overtake Microsoft, BP Gets Blacked Out

This morning on AM Affiliate, everyone seems to be picking fights with everyone else: Google vs. Microsoft! Panasonic vs. Affiliates! The internet vs. British Petroleum! Read on. – Yesterday, we learned about Google’s companywide Microsoft ban. Today, Google steps up their fight to overtake Microsoft by announcing a fall launch

AM Affiliate: iPads and iPeds for Everyone, Underwater African Spam, & More

In anticipation of the long weekend and the fact that most netheads may have mentally checked out for the long weekend even before coming into work this morning, we’re featuring a round-up of some off the more offbeat developments in marketing and technology. – A 5,200 mile-long fiber optic cable

AM Affiliate: Google Android Closes In On iPhone’s Market Share & Video Games Make You Smart

This morning, Mashable’s Jolie O’Dell proclaims, “Facebook and privacy are two words I would gladly never hear in combination again.” We agree. So here are other developments pinging the internet. – Scientific proof that stepping on koopa shells in Super Mario can make you smarter. [Digital Trends] – Time-lapse video