Digital Marketing and Tech Trends

Working Smarter, Not Harder

I may be dating myself slightly here when I tell you that my Godson, Bill, will be graduated from college at the end of of this term.  I remember my own version of what he’s currently undergoing more than a few years ago. While it seemed brutal and demeaning at

Affiliate Marketing of the Future

We all had an idea of what the “future” would be growing up.  Flying cars, big brother, and food in pill form were going to change the way we all lived.  At least, when I watched the Jetson’s growing up, this was the future I thought we would be living

Something for Dad

I realize that it’s only March, but the third Sunday in June will be here before you know it. Like Many fathers, when my dad isn’t working, he divides his time pretty evenly between his five favorite hobbies. In the summer, he fishes. In the Winter, he hunts. On the

What’s in a name?

Untitled Document As I celebrate another birthday and reflect upon my youth, I realize how soft my generation has gotten. It used to be that to write a paper, one had to select a topic, go to the library, and find appropriate research materials using something called the Dewey Decimal

Win an iPad by Promoting Entertainment Book

Affiliates that generate 500 valid leads for this offer during the month of February will receive an Apple iPad: 16 GB, WiFi Version. Numbers will be compiled during the first week of March. Good luck! Entertainment Book 2010 [544] Save up to 50% and get 2-for-1 deals at top restaurants,

New Canadian Exclusive Education Portal – Education Conduit

We’ve just launched our newest Education site Education Conduit for our prospective students from Canada. it is sure to convert well with some of the top Canadian schools featured on it. We can accept email, banner and search traffic and are ready to go with a ton of creative. **NETWORK

An Affiliate Manager’s Entreaty

Dear Mr/Ms. Affiliate, I find it puzzling that once you have been approved to be a part of our network, you all of a sudden mysteriously become unreachable. My emails go unanswered and my calls are almost guaranteed to go straight to voicemail. I understand that for the most part