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AM Affiliate: Social Media ROI Measurable?, Your B2B Writing Might Suck, + More

» One analyst thinks that it’s definitely possible to calculate the ROI of social. [AdAge] » A pointed look at why a lot of B2B writing is, well, not readable. [Seth Godin] » It’s an unexpected career path: Jailbreak Playstation, get sued by Sony, inspire a rogue collective hackers to cause mayhem, then get hired […]

30 Things to Do If You Want Your Company Blog to Fail

It seems like everyone has a company blog. We certainly do (you’re reading it right now!) But is everyone striving towards better practices in the world of corporate blogging? In such a crowded playing field and with every company suddenly embracing social without necessarily forging a plan of attack, there are a lot of blogs […]

Blue Phoenix Media Stops By Outspoken Media to Talk Brand-Killing Tweets

We love to stop by our friends’ places to talk strategy once in a while. We visited Murray Newlands‘ blog to talk about some basic rules to follow to achieve affiliate marketing longevity, then we dropped by the HasOffers blog to contemplate content. We even got a few words in at Mashable on best blogging […]

AM Affiliate: Facebook Caught Trying to Plant Anti-Google Stories in Press + More

» Facebook apparently hired a PR titan to smear stories about Google, citing, of all things, “privacy concerns.” [The Telegraph] » And this is what some correspondence between said PR titan and one of the bloggers they were courting to help plant said stories looks like. [PasteBin] » Some key strategies that many of us […]

AM Affiliate: NYC Gets Silicon Alley, Google and Apple Are Both Tracking You, + More

– As the tech boom from the West Coast spills over to New York City, the Flatiron and Chelsea neighborhoods are emerging to comprise “Silicon Alley,” an off-shoot of “Silicon Valley.” [New York Times] – If you’re an Android user who was smugly chiding your iPhone-using friends about Apple’s location-tracking antics, know that your smartphone’s […]

Storm Brews On Eve of Arianna Huffington’s ad:tech Keynote

Everyone’s ad:tech experience is different. Right now, members from our team are on the ground at the Moscone Center are on the expo floor, meeting with old friends and new prospects. It’s going to be a long day today–not just for us, but for over 250 other companies too. We can’t help but think that […]

AM Affiliate: Twitter’s Not Social, 1M People Dislike Justin Bieber’s “Baby” on YouTube, + More

– In case our best business blogging practices left you wanting more hints, here’s a handy how-to guide about how to beef up your blog in more areas than just content. [Outspoken Media] – Twitter is apparently not too social. [EConsultancy] – Mobile’s big boom continues. [MediaPost] – Well it’s a dark day for music […]

Blue Phoenix Media Weighs In On Corporate Blogging at Mashable Today

So an item we mentioned in passing this morning was Sarah Kessler‘s feature Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid On Your Company Blog. One reason for that mention was because of all the company blogging mistake how-tos out there, this one actually had advance-level tips to improve your game. Another reason? We make up the eclectic […]

AM Affiliate: The Secret to Wall Street Journal’s Survival, SES Notes, + More

– Find out which blogging mistakes you could be making. [Mashable] – How has The Wall Street Journal been able to avoid shrinking budgets plaguing other publications? By changing its marketing strategy. Its new targets? Women. [MediaPost] – Lisa Barone is recapping SES all day today and whether you’re in NYC or not, it’s definitely […]

The New York Times Tries to Kill Off Blogging

Creating content, for many of us, is a labor of love–we go into penning posts about using new social media products, how to do well at tradeshows, and developments that could re-imagine the role of the internet–knowing full well the monetary return will never comparatively measure up. But we do it anyway. A couple weeks […]