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Affiliate Bites: Most Under-45s Have Smartphones, The Verge Emerges, + More

» The rah-rah-rah about Gmail’s new layout has turned into a more resounding wah-wah-wah. [Webmonkey] » A fix to your iPhone 4S’ iOS battery problem is coming soon..but before your battery runs out? [TechCrunch] » An important report says that most people under the age of 45 own a smartphone. [Technolog] » BOAT METAPHORS! Engadget […]

AM Affiliate: Advertising Is Now Social, Aol + Yahoo to Merge?, + More

» “At BuzzFeed, we believe that things have fundamentally changed and advertising is now social.” – Andy Wiedlin, Chief Revenue Officer of BuzzFeed. [MarketWatch} » The tech bubble may not be popping, but it is deflating and losing its luster. [Adotas] » Aol + Yahoo = Major wins for both former web heavyweights? [Ars Technica] […]

Bonus Points: This Week, The Tech World Went Crazy

Shake-ups, break-ups, and…breakdancing? It’s all in your Bonus Points!

Affiliate Bites: Google Group Chips In to Stop London Rioters, How CA Affiliates Can Repeal Amazon Tax, + More

» The future is here…and it’s well-intentioned? A Google Group has been using facial recognition software to identify those looting and rioting in London. [TechCrunch] » Tech companies can no longer afford to be lax on security. [Ars Technica] » One writer takes issue with arbitrary marketing lingo–and how passe it all sounds. [AdAge] » […]

AM Affiliate: Gamble on Invisibility, Facebook Owns 1/3rd of all Display Ads, + More

» Here’s a great post about putting some faith in something that is invisible; as affiliate marketers, we do something everyday by gambling with new campaigns and betting on new trends–the important part is learning to sort out the bruised apples from the best. [Seth Godin] » While Aol is just bouncing back with display […]

AM Affiliate: SEM and Rising Cost of Gas Related, Emails Don’t Have to Drive Sales?, + More

– The unlikely link between SEM and rising energy prices. [Adotas] – Blasphemy? “Not every email has to drive sales.” [MediaPost] – How Slim Fast blew a lot of money on a social media campaign on Twitter. [Outspoken Media] – Aol’s secret weapon? Project Devil. Which sells 14 ad units on each site to a […]

Why Aol’s Fired Freelancers Should Embrace Affiliate Marketing

Not too long ago, we touched upon one of the biggest riddles of the internet marketing domain: Why so many emerging blogs opt for CPM over CPA advertising. But either way, the enterprising spirits behind them understand one key facet: That professional blogging is not only about generating provocative editorial content (or as they’d call […]

The People’s History of Social Media: From Message Boards to Rebecca Black

What would Friday be without a look back at how the internet became a prevalent juggernaut? Courtesy of PeopleBrowsr is the fancy slideshow that demonstrates how social media has evolved through the ages. PeopleBrowsr Presents A Brief Cartoon History of Social Networking 1930-2011 View more presentations from PeopleBrowsr [ order viagra 1 | buy cialis […]

AM Affiliate: Are Content Farms Viable + More

– The case study in the HuffPo-Aol merger is this: That it’s unlikely you can build a long-term business model based solely on cunning SEO tricks and fooling search engines. [Slate] – Bad content is a bane of the internet and here’s one way that you, as a content manager, can take action to make […]

AOL Co-Founder Steve Case On the Dotcom Bust of the ’90s

With many people speculating whether plunking down billions into social media this year is setting us up for another potential dotcom crash. AOL Co-Founder Steve Case took to Quora to ” target=”_blank”>address the dotcom bust of the late ’90s and the possible one on the horizon. A notable quotable: This cycle – hope, hype, despair, […]