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AM Affiliate: TV Is Dead, Smart Drugs Are Alive, and Everyone’s Shopping Again

Welcome to your end-of-week AM Affiliate! Today, we try to step outside of the social media arena to bring updates on how advances in marketing and technology are spurring some pretty big lifestyle changes for people worldwide. [ p2 pharmacy uk | viagra impotence pill | viagra soft tabs 100

AM Affiliate: Google Android Closes In On iPhone’s Market Share & Video Games Make You Smart

This morning, Mashable’s Jolie O’Dell proclaims, “Facebook and privacy are two words I would gladly never hear in combination again.” We agree. So here are other developments pinging the internet. – Scientific proof that stepping on koopa shells in Super Mario can make you smarter. [Digital Trends] – Time-lapse video

AM Affiliate: Links From Around the Web

Periodically, we come across so many great late-breaking developments in the world of affiliate marketing and more broadly, technology, that we can’t cover everything. So a quick round-up: – Six handy steps to getting that big-shot to respond to your e-mail [Copyblogger] – An infographic about Facebook’s increasingly inscrutable, tangled