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Affiliate Bites: E-Commerce Giants Split Over Tax Idea, Verizon Presents “Android For Girls”, + More

» A new approach to internet sales tax as e-commerce giants split. [AuctionBytes] » How web analytics and ad analytics differ–but what makes both essential! [Adotas] » AdAge’s “Women to Watch” series yielded a number of great lessons for any entrepreneur or would-be entrepreneur. [AdAge] » Verizon is planning to target women with a new […]

AM Affiliate: NYC Gets Silicon Alley, Google and Apple Are Both Tracking You, + More

– As the tech boom from the West Coast spills over to New York City, the Flatiron and Chelsea neighborhoods are emerging to comprise “Silicon Alley,” an off-shoot of “Silicon Valley.” [New York Times] – If you’re an Android user who was smugly chiding your iPhone-using friends about Apple’s location-tracking antics, know that your smartphone’s […]

iPad 2 Sales Pitch is Selectively Forgetful

Just yesterday, the entire world was waiting with bated breath as Steve Jobs rolled out the successor to last year’s most successful tablet. While the presentation was not without its razzle-dazzle, the day-after dust-settling presents the shiny new toy in a more sobering light: As a trinket that features very few actual major upgrades. At […]

AM Affiliate: Don’t Settle for “Enough For Now”, Is Google Lost?, + More

– The problem with your marketing pitch is that you may be settling with “enough for now.” [Seth Godin] – If Google’s job when it stepped into the fray in 1997 was to tame the wild beast of the internet, what should its job be now–14 years after it’s successfully made the internet easier for […]

AM Affiliate: New Tablet Costs $465 Cheaper Than iPad, Paint-Your-Own Google Androids, & More

– The cost of an iPad? At least $500. The cost of the world’s cheapest touch-screen tablet from India? $35. [Mashable] – The measure of a successful e-mail marketer’s worth isn’t necessarily the size of their list, but the size of how much their list is regularly growing. [MediaPost] – What the Google Android has […]

AM Affiliate: Apple’s Censorship, Make Your Own Android App, & More

– With LeadsCon weeks away and Affiliate Summit East rapidly approaching, it’s time to upgrade your business cards–and here are 12 ways to get clever about that. [Mashable] – Apple is scrubbing out threads complaining about iPhone 4G woes on its website. [Gizmodo] – How digital marketing initiatives are still very much an inexact science. […]

AM Affiliate: iPhones Break 2 Years After Purchase, Google Helps You Catch Your Next Train, & Arrivederci AffCon 2010!

– 26% of all iPhones break within two years of purchase. Smartphones, indeed. [Computer World] – Here is something that directly contradicts the claim that the mobile ad space might potentially be a dud. [Adotas] – Everyone’s trickling out of Denver and saying farewell to AffCon 2010. [Twitter] – A new Google Maps feature for […]

The Google-Apple War Over Mobile Ad Space: Ultimately Pointless?

At Adotas, Peter Koeppel writes on how the Apple-Google war over mobile advertising space could ultimately prove to be an exercise in futility as that particular advertising niche could very well amount to nothing more than a dud. [ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | […]

AM Affiliate: Duck vs. BP, Farmville Invades 7-Eleven, & More Apple Security Woes

– As a generation of web junkies, our ability to retain information is rapidly diminishing. [TECHi] – But on the flip-side, Monday also saw the graduation of the first class of Microsoft High School. [FastCompany] – This is “Duck vs. BP”–a free appavailable for download from the iTunes store. The aim of the game is […]

AM Affiliate: Android Compatible With iPhone, the Internet Might Be Making Us Stupid, and the Mysterious “J”

Welcome to your shiny, Monday morning edition of AM Affiliate! Today, we zero in on trends and developments that are attempting to make the internet much easier to wade through. – Three easy upgrades for late adopters. [New York Times] – The iPhone now supports Google’s Android 2.2 operating system. [Mashable] – How partnering with […]