» The future is here…and it’s well-intentioned? A Google Group has been using facial recognition software to identify those looting and rioting in London. [TechCrunch] » Tech companies can no longer afford to be lax on security. [Ars Technica] » One writer takes issue with arbitrary marketing lingo–and how passe… Read more“”

» A federal solution is sought for the Affiliate Nexus Tax–and Amazon backs it. [Performance Marketing Association] » While “real name” policies on social platforms like Google+ and Facebook might be great for individuals who need the recognition to get work, many argue, it’s an abuse of power. [Danah Boyd]… Read more“”

Over at Technorati, Pace Lattin documents an interesting trend: The inverse relationship between the growth rate of the affiliate marketing industry and the recovery rate of the American economy. It’s an especially startling trend because as Lattin notes, “The advertising industry is often the first industry that sees its revenue… Read more“”