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Affiliate Bites: Are Ad Campaigns Dead?, Amazon Opens Doors to Affiliates, + More

» Are ad campaigns dead? Eric Wheeler seems to think so. The future, then? Social. [AdAge] » If you haven’t yet heard, Amazon has opened its doors–at least temporarily!–to all affiliates. No telling how long they’ll stay that way though. [Performance Marketing Association Blog] » India has launched a cheap, $35-priced tablet. [Reuters] » Here […]

Affiliate Bites: Google+ Traffic Surges, Facebook WANTs You, + More

» Google+ traffic was up a modest 1269% last week. [RWW] » Quite possibly creating the easiest inroads for marketers on the social platform, Facebook plans a WANT button. [Performance Marketing Insider] » With all this talk of the Amazon Tax, what’s life like for the workers who make the Amazon brand possible? [Morning Call] […]

Affiliate Bites: Who Invented Email Marketing?, Weatherproofing Affiliate Marketers, + More

» There may be an art to the well-executed unsubscribe link. [Adotas] » A company is claiming to have invented email marketing. [

What’s Everyone Saying About the Amazon Tax Agreement in California?


The Golden State backpedals on a move that previously undermined the bottom-line of 25,000 CA-based affiliates. Lost $3M On its Cloudy 99¢ Lady Gaga Promo

Remember when pulled out all the stops to get a major lead on Apple in the race to the cloud? It turns out that by selling just under 450,000 copies of Lady Gaga‘s Born This Way at at $0.99 price point, lost about $3 million (spending about $8-9 per copy to acquire inventory […]

AM Affiliate: NYT’s Paywall Might Kill Readership, Be A Team Player, + More

– So you know how yesterday it everyone was up-in-arms about the New York Times‘ new paywall? Today the CEO of the publication said she’s expecting some short-term traffic dips after the wall goes up in a few days. [AdAge] – Be a team player. Not a heckler. Put away your iPhone during your next […]

ODigger, Facebook, + the Affiliate Tax: 3 Changes That Could Shape Your Q4

As we jump back into the fray this week, energized by ad:tech New York last week, but also more ambitious than ever to make Q4 one of the best quarters for all of us, we can’t fight the radical change that’s sweeping across affiliate marketing at a breakneck pace. Like many trends in this line […]