– Today is Community Manager Appreciation Day, everyone. Thank the special somebodies in your office maintaining blogs, Twitter accounts, and (hopefully not!) Myspace accounts, by handing them a cake or a bucket of fried chicken! [Cisco] – 3 ways to help people get things done, but with only one being… Read more“”

For the last month, we’ve been chatting with some of the affiliate marketing world’s brightest stars–it’s an undertaking that made us realize something: Sure the two most visible roles int his community are affiliates and managers, but there’s the growing body of peripheral players who are doing some wonderful things… Read more“”

Affilliate Summits–both East and West–have been drawing eclectic crowds for quite a while now. And while we all have our approach to setting up and optimizing campaigns, we can still learn a lot by listening to the words of other marketers. We can learn a lot from Beaudon Spaulding: Marketer,… Read more“”