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AM Affiliate: Glow-In-the-Dark iPhone 4Gs, Google Sows Seeds in Farmville, & More

– Make your new iPhone 4G glow with this decal that also solves your reception issues. [Gizmodo] – Google’s wants to plant some maize in Zynga’s Farmville real estate too. [TechCrunch] – Does your e-mail marketing campaign abide by the two As–anticipation and appreciation–of a successful campaign? [MediaPost] – Why

AM Affiliate: Facebook Now Recognizes Your Face, Internet Marketing’s Survival Strategy, & More

– Sure technophiles may champion this as a landmark achievement for social media, but there’s still something unsettling about the fact that Facebook’s photo album application can now detect faces in uploaded JPEGs from its users. [Facebook] – Catharine P. Taylor argues that the world doesn’t need another Facebook–especially from

AM Affiliate: Fight for Mobile Ad Space Heats up, $37 Laptops Available, & More

– It shouldn’t surprise anyone that a new customer base is emerging on a variety of mobile-based social networking platforms, perhaps adding gravity to Google and Apple’s mobile ad space war. [MediaPost] – Witness, in the era of the iPad: The sudden availability of $37 laptops. [Mashable] – How e-mail