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Is Your Lack of Professionalism Killing Your Affiliate Marketing Game?

Hot-button issue? You decide! When we were waxing about weirdness in affiliate marketing, we were wondering whether quirky behavior in the industry would alienate big-ticket clients–after all, byzantine beauty contests isn’t what helped companies in other segments of internet marketing–like LinkedIn–take a giant leap towards that much-publicized IPO. But this

AM Affiliate: NYC wants .NYC domains, Facebook Opposed to Privacy Law, + More

» There are some surprising developments in the 2011 IT skills and salary report. [Global Knowledge] » Affiliate marketers may know this feeling all too well: The detrimental effect of self-sabotage and second-guessing on their own productivity. [Seth Godin] » New York City wants to brand itself in the biggest

AM Affiliate: What Is Google’s Social Circle All About Anyway?,’s Vitaly Borker Goes to Jail, + More

» A great lesson in brand exceptionalism: If you’re not striving towards humility, you might be doing it wrong. [Seth Godin] » We thoroughly deconstructed the media response to Facebook’s failed Google smear campaign. But TechCrunch dives even deeper. [TechCrunch] » But here’s a refreshing take on that matter: Even