AM Affiliate: Links From Around the Web

Periodically, we come across so many great late-breaking developments in the world of affiliate marketing and more broadly, technology, that we can’t cover everything. So a quick round-up: – Six handy steps to getting that big-shot to respond to your e-mail [Copyblogger] – An infographic about Facebook’s increasingly inscrutable, tangled… Read more“AM Affiliate: Links From Around the Web”

Hey Affiliate Marketers! It’s Time To Get Social

Facebook has given up on the concept of user privacy; a Twitter crash earlier this week brought the internet’s social life to its knees; and Foursquare has no idea what to do with itself. It’s a critical time for social media. It’s also a critical time for affiliate marketing to… Read more“Hey Affiliate Marketers! It’s Time To Get Social”

Affiliate Fraudster on Twitter Stopped

Last Friday at Mediatrust, Peter Bordes reported on some fraud that was being perpetrated on job bidding site To their credit, the crew at was responsive and quick in deleting the scam–although new ones continue to crop up daily. Regardless, it’s yet another where transparency among affiliate marketers… Read more“Affiliate Fraudster on Twitter Stopped”

The Value of Transparency Among Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate Marketing is one of the broadest forms of advertising on the internet today. Take a look at any offer’s traffic restrictions and you’ll get a pretty good idea of just how ambiguous affiliate marketing can be. Where else on the internet will you find marketing campaigns that can be… Read more“The Value of Transparency Among Affiliate Marketers”

Follow Our Coverage of the Scoring Summit All this Week

This week, the TARGUSInfo Scoring Summit is going to take place in the historic Hotel Monteleone, located in New Orleans’ French Quarter, where speakers including Melissa Hilton, of Clearwire, and Ian Ayres, author of Supercrunchers, will talk about the importance of real-time customer scoring. Hilton says: At Clearwire, data is… Read more“Follow Our Coverage of the Scoring Summit All this Week”

The Dos and Don’ts of Affiliate Marketing

Having been around performance-based marketing for about three years now, I’ve seen some pretty amazing–and amazingly stupid–things within the industry. This morning, while speaking with an affiliate who was diving headfirst into performance marketing for his first time, I realized just how daunting it could be. So in wanting to… Read more“The Dos and Don’ts of Affiliate Marketing”

See you at ad:tech San Francisco 2010!

We are pleased to announce that we will be attending ad:tech in San Francisco ! This exciting event will take place from April 19 -21, 2010 at the Moscone Center. Not only will the conference be in an exhilarating (and slightly crazy) environment, but ad:tech will also offer access to… Read more“See you at ad:tech San Francisco 2010!”