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AM Affiliate: Facebook Outbursts Are Free Speech, RockMelt Will Melt Your Heart, + More

– Shoemoney has slapped together a slick-looking webisode about egos and why people looking to cash-in on the dotcom craze frequently tend to fail. It’s definitely worth a look. [Shoemoney] – Hey affiliates–worried that your Facebook outbursts might get you into hot water with AMs and networks? Apparently said outbursts are protected by law as […]

ad:tech Affiliate: Links Round-Up

In preparation of ad:tech New York, today’s link round-up is going to be supersized. – The case of Facebook vs. Max Bounty broken down. [PMA] – The joys of creating Fake 404 Landing Pages. [Finch Sells] – A pep talk on how not to be a lazy affiliate. [Justin Dupre] – More on that: How […]

AM Affiliate: Measuring Unmeasurable Social Media, Affiliate Marketing Internships, + More

– “Small investments in unmeasurable media almost always fail. Go big or stay home.” – Seth Godin [Seth Godin] – Are you ready for ad:tech New York? [BPN] – Internships in affiliate marketing: It happens! [Ian Fernando] – Facebook has filed for a patent on “inferential ad targeting”–which allows the company to direct ads based […]

Notes From Booth #2100: The Ultimate ad:tech Prep Guide

With exactly one week until it’s showtime for ad:tech, if you haven’t started preparing the basics, then catch up with this handy guide. It’s a recap of our ad:tech coverage from the past week and it’s available after the break. [ cialis transdermal | discount viagra | buy online pharmacy viagra | getting cialis […]

10 Ways to Get Noticed at ad:tech

ad:Tech is fast approaching, and here at Blue Phoenix Media, we’re getting ready to exhibit. ad:tech is always a mad house. Among networking, dinners, and parties–it’s generally a whirlwind week. But at the end of the day, everyone in attendance is generally trying to do one thing: Get noticed. And if you too are trying […]

Measuring the ad:tech Twitter Hype

In the days leading up this year’s ad:tech New York, Twitter has been abuzz (a-tweet?) with excited exhibitors and attendees populating the #adtech channel. A sampling of some of them: – Direct from @adtech, one of the highlights of the first day: ad:tech NY November 3-4 @ Javits Convention Center. Wednesday’s Lunchtime Keynote: John Furey, […]

An ad:tech Checklist: What to Bring to NYC

Just shy of two weeks before the ad:tech circus starts up, there’s no time like the present to make sure you’ve got everything in place. If you’re an exhibitor (and we are! Booth #2100!), it means skimming through the Exhibitor Services Manual and making sure you’ve ordered your booth furnishings and electricity. But beyond that, […]

Jazz Bars & Strip Clubs: Your ad:tech Nightlife Guide

Now that you have an idea of where to eat dinner and where to idly kill time, you can focus your attention on creating a routine around the most important part of any tradeshow: Cocktails. No matter what your scene, one common thread between any essential ad:tech nightlife retreat will be a lack of velvet […]

ad:tech Adventures: 5 Great Things To Do While You’re In NYC

As with every tradeshow, even at ad:tech, the circuit of industry parties can get a little exhausting. But New York is unlike most other cities, in that it allows enough distractions that any digital marketer in need of a little thinking space need only walk or cab it several blocks (uptown, downtown, crosstown–that’s totally your […]

4 Great Places to Eat During ad:tech

Food! Food is an exciting and confusing part of any tradeshow regimen. From dawn to dusk, the opportunity to land that career-changing deal is incredibly high–as you’re essentially navigating a sea of people who are opening themselves up for shop talk. Most people, outside of a tradeshow setting, aren’t so receptive to pursuing every lead […]