Digital Marketing and Tech Trends

Affiliate Marketing of the Future

We all had an idea of what the “future” would be growing up.  Flying cars, big brother, and food in pill form were going to change the way we all lived.  At least, when I watched the Jetson’s growing up, this was the future I thought we would be living

March Madness: Superbowl of the Internet?

While some of us may not admit it, part of the reason that we watch the Super Bowl more intently than we might other games is that the commercials are always better than that of any other game. Television advertising execs know that their advertisers have your undivided attention and

YouTube Is On the Move

Presumably fuelled at least partially by projections that desktops will be made obsolete by 2015 (due to cloud computing and the wide adoption of smartphones), YouTube is steeling itself to be a powerful force in the world of mobile advertising. They’re doing this by adding Banner Ads to YouTube Mobile.

Googling into Oblivion

Imagine if you will, a world without Google. It’s difficult to think of, isn’t it? Try and remember the last day in which you did not use Google, or a Google product. If that seemed easy, try and remember the last time in which you didn’t “run into” a Google