A Match Made in Web Heaven

Though Facebook and affiliate marketing haven’t been married long, they’ve definitely had their fair share of “speed bumps” since the inception of their relationship. Though, the term “marriage” may be a little bit of a stretch in describing them, let’s take a look at this “serious relationship” In speaking with

YouTube Is On the Move

Presumably fuelled at least partially by projections that desktops will be made obsolete by 2015 (due to cloud computing and the wide adoption of smartphones), YouTube is steeling itself to be a powerful force in the world of mobile advertising. They’re doing this by adding Banner Ads to YouTube Mobile.

Googling into Oblivion

Imagine if you will, a world without Google. It’s difficult to think of, isn’t it? Try and remember the last day in which you did not use Google, or a Google product. If that seemed easy, try and remember the last time in which you didn’t “run into” a Google

Twitter Me Thi$

It appears that Twitter may actually turn a profit this year. Everyone was left confused earlier in the year when the company was estimated to be worth $1 Billion: how does a free service that doesn’t generate ad revenue pull together a billion dollars, exactly? While they may not have

Eye of the Tiger

Tiger Woods is probably one of the biggest things to ever come into advertising. He’s an extreme talent that came into a game dominated by older men at a very young age. Sponsors couldn’t throw enough money at him. Of these early advertisers to latch on to Tiger, Nike is

Judge, Google and Executioner

So it looks as as if Google is taking a stand against what it considers to be less than reputable advertisements. These include, but are not limited to continuity programs, get-rich-quick schemes and malware. Google has taken this stance before, but this time it’s different: they’re no longer targeting the