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FTC and FCC Issue Joint Statement Regarding Data Security Regulation

On March 1, 2017, the Federal Communications Commission issued a temporary stay of a data security regulation that would have subjected ISPs to a more stringent standard than that applied to other companies in the Internet ecosystem under Federal Trade Commission regulations. [ viagra suppositories | viagra tablets sale | viagra soft tablets | viagra […]

Amy Sheridan Invited To Speak At FTC Workshop

Amy Sheridan Speak at FTC worshop

Blue Phoenix Media CEO, Amy Sheridan, was invited to Washington, D.C. to speak at the Lead Generation in Education workshop, hosted by the Federal Trade Commission. The panel which included the Assistant Attorney General of the Iowa Department of Justice and Deputy Under Secretary of Education in the U.S. Department of Education was organized to […]

Bonus Points: This Week, The Tech World Went Crazy

Shake-ups, break-ups, and…breakdancing? It’s all in your Bonus Points!

The Five Fantastic Ingredients of oDigger

Affiliate marketing is getting gamed in a big way with services like oDigger which up the stakes for networks and revolutionizes comparison-shopping in the industry.

Cool Tool Alert: Subjot Is Like Twitter, But With Fewer Birds

SubJot doesn’t mean to flip Twitter the bird; it just wants to help birds of a feather flock together.

Bonus Points: Pandora Ad Buys As Valuable As Radio Buys + More

Steve Jobs leaves, Hurricane Irene arrives, and everyone else goes home; it’s your latest Bonus Points!

Lessons From #LeadsCon East 2011

So many sessions, so little time. Take a look back at LeadsCon East 2011 this week.

BPM at #ASE11: Schedule a Meeting With Us Now!

Schedule a meeting with Blue Phoenix Media at Affiliate Summit East today!

Cool Tool Alert: Makes Magazines Out of Music Blogs

What hype machine? This new tool lets you listen to new tunes while reading about them.

Bonus Points: Turn Your MacBook Into A Microwave!

Bonus points for this weekend include a MacBook you can turn into a pizza-cooker, a UK crackdown on post-riot social media, and teeth tattoos.