AM Affiliate: NYC wants .NYC domains, Facebook Opposed to Privacy Law, + More

» There are some surprising developments in the 2011 IT skills and salary report. [Global Knowledge] » Affiliate marketers may know this feeling all too well: The detrimental effect of self-sabotage and second-guessing on their own productivity. [Seth Godin] » New York City wants to brand itself in the biggest

AM Affiliate: Is Your Receptionist Costing You Conversions?, Is Google Creating Black Hats, + More

– One thing that could be costing you a whole lot: A receptionist who turns off potential new customers by not being interested. [Seth Godin] – Google’s crusade against content farms claims an unlikely property: The New York Times-owned [SearchEngineLand] – With their aggressive slash-and-burn of content farms, is

AM Affiliate: Virgin Airlines Makes Flying Fun, Is Texting While Talking the New Rudeness, + More

– So how is one air carrier defying the odds and “making flying fun”? By leveraging new media. That air carrier? Virgin Airlines. [AdAge] – Affiliate marketers! We’re some of the most overworked people on Earth, but does that still give us a right to thumb through our smartphones when