Will Google Put Cable Providers Out of Business With Web TV?

Google TV is coming! What does that mean as far as the user experience is concerned? Most importantly, unprecedented accuracy in delivering ads tailored to individual users’ viewing habits. This is obviously great for the advertiser because it makes their approach far more effective—and for Google who, as their Google… Read more“Will Google Put Cable Providers Out of Business With Web TV?”

Why Hotmail’s Upgrade Could Benefit E-Mail Marketers

I remember transferring from a Telnet.edu e-mail account in college to a profoundly new and exciting product called Hotmail. Hotmail was web-based, so I could log in anywhere. It was new enough that my address was myname@hotmail.com . There were no numbers, no dots, no underscores—there was just my name…. Read more“Why Hotmail’s Upgrade Could Benefit E-Mail Marketers”

Why Skype Adding Ads Could Be Revolutionary

Not necessarily a bad thing: Skype’s plans to monetize its video chatting service through serving advertisements. While this move will inevitably provoke some backlash from Skype users–since they’ve enjoyed Skype’s free service with no advertising—it may revolutionize the way advertisers connect with customers. This shift will allow for banner ads… Read more“Why Skype Adding Ads Could Be Revolutionary”

Hugo Chavez: Today, Twitter–Tomorrow, the World!

As you’ve probably heard, your favorite socialist dictator and mine—beloved Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez—has created a Twitter account. The whole thing is kind of fascinating and is sure to be featured on SNL this week (mark my words). His handle is ChavezCandanga which means “Chavez the Devil”. Although he probably… Read more“Hugo Chavez: Today, Twitter–Tomorrow, the World!”

@Starbucks: OMG just drank a gazillion cups of #coffee jk lol

It was recently announced that Twitter, everyone’s favorite (theoretically) billion-dollar business, finally has an actual business model! Yesterday, they launched their advertising platform, known as “Promoted Tweets”. This platform allows for advertisers to enter the top of the twitter stream above all of the other tweets in a given stream…. Read more“@Starbucks: OMG just drank a gazillion cups of #coffee jk lol”

Three Rules Every Affiliate Marketer Should Know

If done right, Affiliate Marketing is a great way to earn a living. You can work from home, wear a bathrobe to work, and make a great deal of money.  It’s essentially the pinnacle of the American Dream™. Unfortunately, countless people with dollar signs in their eyes jump in without… Read more“Three Rules Every Affiliate Marketer Should Know”