Approximately 171 public interest groups have sent a letter to Federal Communications Commission Ajit Pai and to Senate leaders urging them not to dismantle the rules from 2015.

The letter read, “[p]rotecting net neutrality is crucial to ensuring that the internet remains a central driver of economic growth and opportunity, job creation, education, free expression, and civic organizing for everyone.”

The groups also attacked broadband industry claims that the FCC’s rules throttled broadband deployment.  “Since the order went into effect, broadband infrastructure investment is up, ISP revenues are at record highs, and businesses continue developing innovative ideas and offerings.”  “A 2016 report found that the total capital expenditures of ISPs increased by 4 percent and that total revenues increased by 5 percent from 2014 to 2015.”

The letter urges these leaders to support and continue to enforce the 2015 Open Internet Order and to oppose legislative and regulatory actions that would threaten the net neutrality framework currently in place.

The ACLU, Greenpeace and were among the signatories urging the continued prohibition of ISPs being able to discriminate against certain website traffic.

Ajit Pai is expected to increase efforts to drastically alter the 2015 Open Internet Order.

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