Education is one of the major verticals in the Lead Generation industry. The main factor that has contributed to the growth in the online education industry, is the higher lead volume requirements that colleges and universities have faced due to; tight operating budgets, increased government regulation, rising demand for financial aid and shrinking government funds.

Schools’ face greater enrollment challenges than ever before and online marketing has proven to be a successful approach to accomplish their increasing lead requirements.

An online lead gen model provides an effective resource to help prospective students find schools that are suited for their academic and career interests. For a successful online lead generation strategy, content is fundamental. Education lead generation businesses have to build significant amount of web content in order to attract the potential student community, and also provide an effective lead distribution and delivery system.

Online education is a highly competitive industry, and many schools are looking for ways to generate more leads and convert those leads to enrollments, while reducing the back-end cost per leads. This increasing competitive arena makes Education a true vertical market for technology.

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