This year Blue Phoenix Media had the opportunity to participate, once again in LeadsCon Las Vegas, which was held at the Mirage Hotel this past February 28th and 29th.  LeadsCon is the principal lead generation conference that annually offers the lead generation industry an interactive, collaborative and professional space to come together and boost the industry.

The event lasted two full days with an audience that clearly surpassed last year’s “I have attended since the first LeadsCon with 200 people. To see an event blossom from 200 to 2700 is amazing and a testament to the growth in our industry and Jay Weintraub.” Amy Sheridan, CEO at Blue Phoenix Media stated.

The audience consisted of top executives from over 1000 different companies, from B2C and B2B lead generation such as; health care, home improvement, credit cards, mortgage, insurance, education and others. There were also approximately 90 speakers from all the different verticals that were able to share their knowledge and insight about the industry, reaching a great number of attendees. “Some important points noted in the speaking sessions include the importance of diversifying. It is great to work with one vertical or traffic type but it is important to branch out and get ancillary things started as well.” Amy Sheridan said.

From the insightful sessions to the networking experience at the exhibit, LeadsCon was a real success. It was a pleasure for Blue Phoenix Media to meet old industry friends in this innovative environment and to connect with new potential partners. We look forward to seeing everyone later on this year in the upcoming  marketing events!

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