LinkedIn is a professional social network that has been increasing its popularity in the professional market with more than 100 million users worldwide. This network is a great tool for building professional relationships and finding business opportunities in a virtual environment, when you may not have the chance to do it in person.

Whether you are new to this social network or already know how to use it , these five tips will help you get a better grasp of this useful
professional tool. Don’t miss out on its benefits, link yourself or business to LinkedIn and keep building a successful career,

  1. Concentrate On Your Profile: Your profile is your business card and how you present the information that you share, will determine the impact that you will have on others. For this, it is important to complete the “Summary” section and be specific on the details that you include. Make sure you clearly state your professional background and how your skills can be useful.
  2. Up to date with “LinkedIn Today”: This feature is a social news service that the network includes that shares news related to your industry based on information on your profile or that you  customized. It can be found under the News tab at the top of your homepage or by visiting LinkedIn Today‘s web page.
  3. Use the “Answers” feature to Promote Yourself: This section of the site is a forum where users generate questions, seek advice and ask for opinions. If you are an expert on any of the topics that you find on this forum, make yourself known by getting involved. It is also a good tool to find people interested in the same topics that you are.
  4. Keep your Profile Updated: Even if you are not seeking a new job, keeping your profile up to date is vital to maintaining your personal brand. Simple updates such as advanced applications and new recommendations can enhance your profile in no time.
  5. Make New Connections: The more you expand your network, the more potential business opportunities you might be expose to. Concentrate on making new connections in the industry that you are interested in, and make sure to do a bit of research before requesting a new connection, you want to make sure you know as much about this person as possible before adding it to your list of connections.


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