Social media networks are an online phenomenon throughout the world.  Facebook and Twitter are the most popular of these sites with approximately 800 million active Facebook users and 300 million Twitter accounts. Facebook emphasizes on who you are and who you know, and Twitter uses 140 characters for updates, focusing more about what you say than who you are.

Here are five important differences between Facebook and Twitter. If you are still not part of the social media boom, review these two network sites, choose the one that better suites your lifestyle and have fun networking with the world.

  1. Update Vs Tweet Timing: A Facebook update lasts longer, sometimes days in people’s timeline. A Tweet lasts within the first hour after being tweeted.
  2. Friends Vs Followers: Facebook has friends that can be controlled based on the restriction setting that you choose. Friends can only follow you via invitation and only then can be able to see your posts, pictures or make comments. Twitter allows anyone to join your group of followers and also comment on your Tweets, unless you block that individual.
  3. Status Speed: Twitter is more practical for less time sensitive content, like passing breaking news messages. Facebook is more commonly used for timeless news and updates.
  4. Online Vs Offline Friends: Facebook is very useful for building relationships, since you have more access to people’s personal information. Twitter in the other hand, due to its lack of  friend control settings,   is less personal and great for business goals, such as gathering opinions from a variety of individuals /markets.
  5. Applications: Twitter offers few applications that are most commonly used for connecting with other websites or social marketing/PR. Facebook instead offers applications for entertainment and other activities.

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