Everybody is using social media networks these days and with the technological advances new social media tools keep popping up to match the new technology and help us better apply all the different social media services.

To assist you in the search of the perfect social media tool for your professional or personal use, we came up with the 10 most popular and practical tools that can make your social media efforts more dynamic and efficient.

Be up to date with your social media skills and don’t miss out on these great tools.

  1. ReFollow This application gives you more control of your followers  by allowing you to select users that have things in common through a search filter feature and also by locking followers you have connected with making sure they continue to follow you.
  2. HootSuite for Ipad This application allows you to schedule messages to send at a later time, review statistics and shorten URLs with a built in Ow.ly tool. It also includes a sidebar that keeps track of all the streams being used.
  3. Social Scope For Blackberry lovers this is the perfect application to combine Facebook and Twitter on one screen. It also has retweeting feature among other useful features to help you navigate through these social media services as if you were on your desktop.
  4. Tweet Reach The tool allows you to track your tweets and get information on how far they traveled. You have access to information on the amount of people your tweets reached and also how many times your tweets have been shared.
  5. Traackr This is a good tool to find and keep track of the people of interest in your industry. It has a monitoring tool that permits to track people through a scoring method – reach, resonance and relevance to a topic.
  6. SocMetrics This is a web-base platform that allows you to identify influencers in your industry, understand their dynamics , engage strategically based on how you want to target your social media campaign and also monitor an analyze your campaign efforts.
  7. Edit Flow This is a WordPress tool that allows you to keep a calendar, check custom statuses, editorial comments between the team, notifications, story budget and keep track users by function or department
  8. Argyle Social This is a social media platform that helps marketers bridge business with social media tools.  By the use of a dashboard a business team can monitor Facebook and Twitter  and collect useful data for social media effort reports.
  9. Tweet Level This application allows you to search for hashtags for potential followers.  TweetLevel also evaluates people’s influences and topic of interest, so that you can be more selective of who or what topic to follow.
  10. Twitter Search This search tool allows you to get real- time feedback on any topic you are looking for through the use of simple codes to simplify the search.

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