Online privacy is now no longer a questionable topic to most people. Facebook was amongst the first major sites to be tested about their privacy policies, and now the United States is targeting the entire internet. Google has now gone ahead and got rid of their complex privacy policies, and compiled it into a more user friendly, cross-network experience.



  • All platforms are now one -YouTube, Google+ and Gmail are now all under one platform.
  • Sharing features have now increased – Creating and sharing documents is just a simply click away
  • Your trends are tracked and tailored to your account specifically – Everything you search is now going to be recorded and used every time you log in. This will make it easier for Google to get what you are looking for, faster, according to your trends.
  • More direct and understandable protection plan – They threw away their 60+ policies and made them minimal and concise, and most of all, easy to understand by the common user.

Here is a guide to help you further understand what is to come on March 1st privacy launch.

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