10 Tips To Increase Work Productivity In 2012


It’s a New Year and one of the best ways to get off to a good start, is to focus on making being more productive than the previous. Below are 10 tips to help us be more productive in 2012.

Technology – There are many keyboard shortcuts, bookmark options, electronic devices, and more that can allow you to speed up almost all of your efforts today. Search for the ones that pertain to your niche and insert them into your daily routine.

Breaks – This helps you refresh your energy and effort. Figure out which process works best for you. Here is some technology to help you.

Work periodsWork in periods; use your breaks wisely then go back and finish the task or start a new one with a replenished mind.

Organization and follow ups – Be detailed oriented, and excessively organized. Make it easy on yourself. Included in your organization habits, should include following up.

To DO List/Agenda – This is very useful for many. Whether you are having trouble attempting large tasks, remembering your small tasks or anything related to efficient productivity, this may be a tip you may want to use.

Prioritize – Obviously some tasks are more important than others. Use this tip to help you determine how to go about doing so.

Deadlines – Set deadlines throughout the day to tackle your agenda. After a deadline may be a good time to take one of those breaks.

Procrastination – Use this thought process to help solve this. If you are just starting out on these daily tasks then wait a week or two, in order to determine your habits. If you have already started, acknowledge your bad habits, write them down, and read them every day. Take strides in stopping them.

Attitude – Maintain a happy and enjoyable mood and work environment. Use these guidelines to set a standard for your surroundings.

Be Honest With YourselfThere are many ways that you can overlook small characteristics about yourself and allow them to hinder your productivity. Stay focused and enjoy success in 2012!

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  • I believe to-do lists would be a great prospect here. Since time plays a major role on productivity, I believe we must take care or track time too.