Apple has an announcement on January 19th at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City at 10AM (Eastern). Many believe Apple may be unveiling their new “textbook initiative”.

Not many publishers are printing their literature online due to Amazon’s everlasting reign in that subject. Solving the problems of students and all busy people’s frustration with carrying around books and learning tools was Steve Jobs next focus. Steve Jobs “wanted to disrupt the textbook industry” and said that was “the next business he wanted to transform.” according to Walter Isaacson’s biography.

Ironically, the invitation reads, “Join us for an education announcement in the Big Apple.”, which is currently known as the most popular publishing area in the country. With iTunes U, iBooks, and iWork, already in fruition, Apple may have invented a new book selling platform, content creator tools, and many more upgrades.

Others hope to hear announcements on the iPad 3 or Apple TV, but history shows that apple doesn’t let out information early. Anticipate waiting on that information, and taking advantage of what we will find out from this event.

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