Amazon and Google make millions of dollars a year and overall are worth billions. Both are the front runners to online sales and Ad revenue, and are now trying to expand on that. Whose efforts will have the most impact? It may sound like an irrelevant question because they sell totally different products. That was true until now. Google is now planning on joining the product search and shipping industry.

Google has made tremendous stride towards becoming the leader of advertising sales. They are the number one search engine, and also own the second leading search engine, YouTube. Amazon cashes in at around $300, 000 dollars daily on goods alone. Research has shown that this past year they reached “282 million visitors in June, or 20.4 percent of the worldwide Internet population”. They have built a tremendous rapport with the industry and is one of the immediate website’s people are going to for goods. How does Google plan to overturn them?

Not only do they have the leverage of YouTube, but Google plus is really beginning to make its mark on internet marketing. Your profile offers many features to build relationships and combine your efforts directly to the Google search engine. Google will combine those websites with their already overpower advertising dominance to help build and drive their product search campaign. They will offer a service for one day shipping if you buy a product their product search option. They are reported to be in major negotiations with a shipping company and major retailers like Macy’s

Will this result in Amazon’s declining? Will bidding for keywords, and ad space becoming more tedious and/or too expensive for the small business owner.

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