Technology and Social Media are both growing at an unprecedented rate. Now that technology and the iPad have surpassed the desktop, how will you set up your iPad to maximize the epic emergence of social media? Here are 10 of the tools/Apps that will help you get the most out of your iPad.

YouTube – Now that YouTube has solidified its dominance in video search, it is now the best portal for all video’s on the Internet. Utilize its assets as much as you can. “The YouTube app takes advantage of all the great iPad technology. Little videos look even better on the big, high-resolution screen, especially those in HD.”

Icloud – Once you install this and begin to use it, you will use it for everything. This virtual database holds all of your information, files, and more, making everything accessible to you at all times. This is an extremely valuable to asset to have in your traveling bag.

Dropbox – This application allows you save and transfer enormous files directly to your desktop. This is the best alternative to sending files to person that does not have an Ipad or Icloud access.

Facebook – I have Facebook or at least have the aspirations of utilizing it and all it has to offer, then this is a must have application.

Twitter – This is a powerful social network that allows you to stay connected with your friends and trends. This app only makes it easier to take advantage of it.

Hellotxt – Did I say that the Facebook and twitter apps are great applications to have to stay on top of social media. Well here is the easiest and efficient tool out in our latest technology. Update, manage and/ or follow all of your social networks in one application.

Skype – This is being used casually and in business worldwide. Other than FaceTime for all apple users this one the top downloaded video sharing applications today.

WordPress – For all blogging endeavors, this application is the best. Other’s work well but this platform has established itself and its plug-ins.

Analytics App – Check you analytics as you go. This helps for all online marketing efforts.

Google – This app has been specially made for iPad’s. It contains all of the features that Google offers, and is a terrific gadget for everything that you need.


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