Social Media is one of the most popular phrases in this era. It is virtually impossible to browse the internet without coming across some sort of social media. Of course all business’ now know that this is an important role in the future, but most of them have no idea how to go about utilizing it the correct way.  I often see spam like articles or profiles, and excessive advertisements with little meaning. There are many portals to researching different tactics and variations, but all need to make sure they stay to two direct points to help appease to the discouraged internet users. Do not interrupt their browsing excessively and provide relevant content.

“How hard is it to serve ads that are tied to one of our areas of interest, instead of the weight loss ads I see all too often when I log into a social network?” says Uriah Av-Ron of It isn’t hard at all. That does not mean that weight loss ads are useless, it refers to the inability to target the correct demographic, while also without being disruptive.

Here are some tips:

-Make an attempt to provide content that requires a response. People tend to be very opinionated. If you raise a point for discussion or ask a question, you will create the interaction that social media is used for.

-Call to action content is very effective as well. Making an internet user use your content in more than one way will not only help you with leads, but will also help them remember your purpose.

-Giveaway’s, contests, games are also great forms of interactive content that can help you be remembered

-Use certain websites and applications to generate interaction as well.

A list of interactive Social Media Websites:

There are many ways that you can be non-disruptive. The internet is full of great ideas and tactics as well. Use them correctly and generate the return from your social media endeavors that you are looking for.


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