Affiliate Bites: Most Under-45s Have Smartphones, The Verge Emerges, + More

» The rah-rah-rah about Gmail’s new layout has turned into a more resounding wah-wah-wah. [Webmonkey]

» A fix to your iPhone 4S’ iOS battery problem is coming soon..but before your battery runs out? [TechCrunch]

» An important report says that most people under the age of 45 own a smartphone. [Technolog]

» BOAT METAPHORS! Engadget was the other Aol-owned tech blog and earlier this year, its key operators jumped ship and temporarily floated on a raft called ThisIsMyNext until they landed at a shiny new place called The Verge. [Betabeat]

» Here is a report why more and more moms are resorting to online and mobile shopping. [AdAge]

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