By Gavin Dunaway

At its inaugural Conductor Collaboration Conference (C3) in New York City, SEO management software maker Conductor is introducing numerous upgrades to its Searchlight SEO platform, including the ability to measure the effects of digital assets like news, videos or shopping results on universal search results.

If you haven’t noticed, Google and other search engines tend to display more than simple links on the initial search results pages – according to research by Conductor,  on about 80% of keyword searches videos, news and shopping results tend to appear, creating a blend of multimedia results that many SEOs aren’t taking full advantage of. The update allows Searchlight users to track assets such as branded videos, products for sale and news mentions — as well as their competitors’ — across these blended search pages, as well as tools for optimizing pixel position and general brand presence.

In addition, Conductor announced the ability to employ SEO programs such as Traffic Explorer and Visibility Explorer within the Searchlight platform, enabling clients to instantly leverage garnered SEO insight. Finally, the company also announced a major international expansion of Searchlight, introducing the ability to track and optimize keywords across various search engines in the G20 countries from a single platform.

The sold-out C3 Conference will host discussions on the issues that the Searchlight improvements are addressing and feature presentations by Crispin Sheridan, global enterprise and testing lead for SAP; Dave Lloyd, head of global SEO strategy for Adobe Systems; and Maura Ginty, senior manager of strategic research and strategy at Autodesk.


After years of ping-ponging around various industry publications, Gavin Dunaway finagled his way into the senior editor slot at Adotas, a depot for interactive advertising news and commentary. When not penning snarky articles about social media and behavioral targeting, the Washington, D.C. native and George Mason University graduate enjoys playing electric guitar so loud that the walls shake.

This piece originally appeared at Adotas October 26, 2011. It has been reprinted with permission.

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