» Brian Stelter examines how old and new media technologies are embracing one another as Twitter and television get more cozy. [New York Times]

» Are you a super affiliate with super-fine tastes? Pace Lattin has a few suggestions as to how you can indulge in your taste for the finer things in life while improving your work setting, too. [Performance Marketing Insider]

» Of the almost-6, 000 requests for information Google receives from the U.S. government, it complies completely or partially to about 93% of them. [TechNewsWorld]

» Here is another post on how new Facebook profile layouts may be affecting marketers negatively. [Adotas]

» According to a study, the average time a user spends daily using a tablet is tantamount to the length of a feature-length Disney animated film: About 90 minutes. [Mashable]

» …and hey affiliates, even the blogworld bigwigs have it tough: HuffPo is being sued by The Times for creating an allegedly copycat blog. [Betabeat]

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