Did you feel a bit…off yesterday? Well you weren’t alone. Turns out that due to the equinox, we all might’ve been left feeling a little off-tilt. So now that it’s officially a new season, get back on-tilt! (You may want to find out how you can make it feel like summer, even as the temperatures start dipping!)

» London joins NYC, Paris, and other big cities as urban areas competing in the race to grab top-level domains.

» Here is a pretty mind-warping read about time and the equinox.

» French cosmetics brand Clarins is looking to mobilize customers…by trying their hand at Facebook-based social gaming.

» How Netflix’s identity crisis is creating ideal conditions for a competitor to rise up.

» Although Peter Kafka insists that a Dish Network-Blockbuster union won’t nick Netflix.

» Want one way to mobilize your sales team? Gamification!

» The RIAA is now trying a different approach to suing consumers who share music via unauthorized outlets like torrent sites: $10 settlements.

» Now that there’s a new Facebook profile layout, did you know you can find out who unfriended you and when.

» 31% of American adults would not mind a text message telling them to buy something.

» It’s a conversation that keeps cropping up: What’s a good platform to utilize if you’re trying to spread brand awareness. The answer? ALL OF THEM.

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