Perhaps one of the biggest indicators of affiliate marketing’s evolution is the emergence and quick evolution of sites like oDigger. With countless affiliate networks popping up across the internet marketplace, it can quite literally be a jungle out there even for the most experienced marketer. Which is why oDigger could be considered one of the more brilliant tools to pop up in the affiliate marketing space. So what makes oDigger such a sleek web destination? Five things, actually.

Affiliate Offer Search
If you’re unfamiliar with the saying, “Time is money, ” you might enjoy logging into each of 300+ networks. But for the rest of us, oDigger lets you scan the inventories of hundreds of networks with a couple keystrokes and clicks. You can sort search results by name, payout, and network. Never has it been easier to negotiate higher payouts.

Network Reviews
Recently added, oDigger added a feature that allows affiliates to leave reviews for networks. While simplifying the process of network background checks, it’s still not an exact science as users can leave comments anonymously–but that’s nothing a little moderation can’t fix.

Network Snapshots
There are over 200 networks listed on oDigger. At this point, it may actually hurt networks not to be listed on this site as it aggregates contact information and other critical data points.

oDigger Deals
This section of oDigger offers readers a shortcut to biz dev success by offering a rotation of special deals on products, guides, and tools–this includes everything from split-testing software to exclusive forum memberships.

Money Making Blog
Where oDigger truly innovates is their own blog. Staffed by experts, their blogs offers case studies and once in a while, it even dissects the anatomy of some of their affiliate marketing campaigns that have performed well.

Looking at the bigger picture, oDigger‘s five-tiered strategy may be helping to usher in a new era of affiliate marketing, one where new services and a need to organize them have become ripe for monetization.

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