Hey affiliate marketers. You’ve all worked hard this week. Seriously. Affiliate Summit East and LeadsCon East? Back-to-back? Bravo, guys! And whether you’re reading this from a shaky wi-fi connection high in the sky as you fly home or from your possibly hurricane evacuation zoned NYC walk-up apartment, enjoy some of these odds and ends we found strewn about the web.

» First of all, Steve Jobs unveiled the shiny new iQuit this week.

» And whatever your response to that, do take a little time out to read this first-hand account from an Apple fan who got to meet Jobs when he was a kid.

» Facebook served a trillion (that’s 1, 000, 000, 000) pageviews in June.

» So remember how we told you yesterday that Pandora makes up about 3.6% of the radio-listening market share? The publicly-traded internet music company now insists that ad buys on their site are just as valuable as those on radio.

» In case you’re taking the weekend to regroup and reflect on a busy week of meetings, mingles, and handshakes, consider catching up with our Storify-assisted LeadsCon East 2011 recap.

» And if you missed it, we already made a little time to look back at the great times had at this year’s Affiliate Summit East.

» And now for something you’ve definitely earned after a tough week: Video footage that answers the age-old question, “What happens when a dog and a hedgehog meet?”

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