AM Affiliate: Everyone’s Leaping for LeadsCon, Too!

» Vayan Marketing’s Warren Corpus notes that with the industry’s two biggest events back to back, many affiliate marketers will likely be left breathless by the time next Friday (one week from today!) rolls around and both ASE 2011 and LeadsCon East 2011 have passed. [Adotas]

» And about LeadsCon…what’s the deal with that? Well it’s more about the panels. And Wednesday and Thursday offer a wealth of brilliant opportunities for those looking to jump to the next level. [LeadsCon]

» And about one of those panels, Mediatrust CEO Peter Bordes will be a panelist in a session entitled, “Is CPC the new CPL.” [@mediatrust via Twitter]

» Online coupons are working and in a big way. [eMarketer]

» Andrew Boer taps into the phenomenon of “mullet content.” [Adotas]

» Oh, and yes, we’d still love to meet with you during ASE or LeadsCon, if you’ll be around.

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