In the realm of music blogs, there’s certainly no dearth of content–aggregators like Hype Machine are a testament to that. However, with so much content–more than there’s arguably an audience for–what this particular kind of content might really need is a smooth way to digest and process the sheer volume of music. And as free downloads or embedded Flash players have their limitations (cluttering up your iTunes if it’s something you don’t want to keep or stopping altogether if you navigate away), there’s one nifty tool that’s popped up to try to make the experience of combing through music blogs more manageable:

Mashable’s Christina Warren equates to a mash-up of Pandora and StumbleUpon: A social media tool that curates the musical selections available on a blog as you’re reading the entries.

What’s possibly the biggest feat of is how it threatens to eat at the market share of Hype Machine. The biggest accomplishment of is that it lets you navigate from one music blog to another without losing the critical piece of code that allows users to experience the music as they’re reading about it.

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