Well hey there! Welcome to the weekend. Are you following us on Twitter? You should be. With about a week and a couple days until the launch of Affiliate Summit East, you might be hard-pressed to indulge in creative side projects, like one project that allows you to turn your fully-functional MacBook into a microwave you can used to heat up pizza! What will they think of next? Well, click to find out.
» This is how you can turn your Macbook into a MacBook Microwave. The next frontier of technology is one device that simultaneously lets you watch lolcat videos and cook pizza.

» Social media is playing a peculiar role in the aftermath of the London Riots.

» Look! It’s a Turntable.fm-like website…but for videos!

» So as it turns out, spoilers don’t make us enjoy a movie or a book any less. [Ars Technica]

» They now make temporary tattoos embedded with ultrathin electronics.

» Which may be less bizarre than teeth tattoos which are currently all the rage in Japan.

» Would you pay $70, 000 to tour Facebook’s HQ? No? Well someone else already did. [Betabeat]

» An eloquent take on what Google’s taught all of us about market domination.

» Google+ will now give you four days before they freeze your G+ account if you don’t abide by their No Fake Names rule. [Betabeat]

» Hey, in case you haven’t heard, we’re exhibiting at Affiliate Summit East. Schedule a meeting now.

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