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Bonus Points: ‘Harry Potter’ Fans Are Prime Targets for Cybercriminals

The Village Voice‘s Jen Doll (whose “Runnin’ Scared” posts we love reading on our lunch breaks) tweeted that New York City’s getting gusts of wind as high as 50 miles per hour. That’s a lot of wind. And with highs ranging from 70-80°F, that’s not entirely a bad thing! Anyway, let’s get to a bullet point of some items you may have missed and some you probably didn’t.

» So you’re a Harry Potter fan jonesing to get into Pottermore–that social network-whatever thing based on the best-selling books–right? Well, turns out you might be a prime target for cybercrooks, too.

» Jumio’s a neat little app that let’s you use your credit card for payments via digital snapshots.

» Roseanne Barr for President? Maybe.

» Science has kind-of answered David Bowie‘s question about life being on Mars.

» The wage gap between women and men in sectors like tech and science is noticeably smaller than in other fields.

» HasOffers’ very own Peter Hamilton pinpointed the five habits of a highly ineffective affiliate manager–it’s a great read.

» Here is a robot that can think for itself.

» Google versus Microsoft, and so on.

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